​Maryetta's Scholarship Festival

About the Festival........

Each  band or artist will have a forty minute time slot which to setup, perform and tear down. They will perform as  many Christian based songs they wish within their allotted time. The audience can either sit and listen or move as they wish to other areas of the church because the competition segment of the festival will be loose and informal. Songs will be the artist or band choice, and the listening audience will be encouraged to vote for any song they like by inserting money into the designated container for each number. You may vote as often as you want, in any denomination you would like. The winners will be announced during the dinner hour. Fill those containers up and help a student with their financial needs. 100% of the profits go to scholarship awards. There are no administrative costs!

The Soup Cook-off is very similar. The dinner hour will be from 6-7 and there will be numerous different soups available. Sample as many as you would like and vote for your favorite or favorites by filling the supplied containers with any amount of money. The soup winner will be awarded a twenty dollar gas card from Sheetz or a brand of their choice. Again all profits go to our applicants so let's make this competition successful and fun!

​There will be friendly competitive tournaments for games such as ladder golf, corn toss, washer toss and more. We will also have activities available for the younger kids!

​Need a laugh while bands are setting up? We will have impromptu comedy skits with ideas solicited from our audience. Our witty and funny crew will be sure to strike your funny nerve and make you laugh. Other breaks will filled with traditional hymn sings.

As you can see, we have a fun filled relaxing day in store for you on October 8th starting at 1 PM. What better way to enjoy a fall Saturday afternoon than by supporting Maryetta's Mission Scholarship Fund. By doing so we will help make the financial commitment easier for men and women answering God's call to the ministry.

​Click Here for the Schedule for Maryetta's Scholarship Festival

A Local Scholarship Fund for Ministrial Students

​Supportted by the First Church of God in Eldred, Pa

Maryetta's Mission Scholarship Fund