A Local Scholarship Fund for Ministrial Students

​Supportted by the First Church of God in Eldred, Pa

Maryetta's Mission Scholarship Fund


Where When & How to Apply

How to Apply

The application that goes directly to the First Church of God is due by March 25th of each year. A post mark will be used as date verification. 

​To apply thru the Cattauraugus Region Community Foundation visit the above mentioned website. Applications are usually due in April, watch their website for exact dates. Awards are usually announced in May or June of each year. 

There are two awards offered each year through Maryetta's Mission. The first is a direct application mailed to the First Church of God, P O Box 254, Eldred, Pa 16731-0254

The second fund is managed by the Cattauraugus Region Community Foundation. We have partnered with CRCF with the goal of growing this fund to point where the earnings will make this award self funding, hopefully forever. Today (2016), after more than 20 years in existence, the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation has grown from about $40,000 in assets and a handful of funds to more than 130 funds with more than $15 million in assets. Those funds now generate more than $800,000 in grants annually, including about $100,000 from more than 40 scholarship funds. We are glad to have the opportunity to have an organization such as CRCF to help us reach our goal, yet we still are able to have a voice in the award decisions.

Visit this website to apply: http://cattfoundation.org/scholarship-funds/#MARYETTA


As mentioned above, to apply through the CRCF, visit this website: http://cattfoundation.org/scholarship-funds/#MARYETTA

To apply for the direct scholarship through the First Church of God, Click Here